Monday, April 24, 2017

Rockin'All Night

 I just love this kid, he is such a character sometimes. Tonight he decided he was going to write the lyrics to a song and come for format for me as well as draw a picture of him performing the song.

Check out the video here!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spring Soccer - 1st game of the season

 Spring soccer started this week. Last year he did both fall soccer and summer soccer and this is the first time we are doing spring soccer in Owatonna. I had not ever sign the kids up for before because the days and times for practices and games were somewhat random, actually quite random. But as it turns out so far Henry's favorite sport to play has been soccer whereas sister knew she was going to be a swimmer.
 He is a very aggressive soccer player but I think that will come when he starts to gain more confidence in his abilities. He is quite fast and that will serve him well.
This past Tuesday was their first practice and they have 1 practice a week in the evening during weekdays and then they have a game on Saturday. Even though this is through Owatonna park and rec they have enough kids for a Medford only team and a parent stepped up to be a coach for Medford kids so they could all be on the same team together. This age group is for first and second graders. They will play through May 20th and that Saturday will be their last game. Then he will have a week and a half off of soccer until summer soccer starts in Faribault.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Reg & Slow Mo Video of Shooting a Basket

They didn't actually have a basketball hoop there, just some X against a padded wall to indictate where to shoot towards or throw towards or kick or whatever. He had done one earlier with dad that was throwing a baseball, but I wasn't there to see it and they only keep so many videos at a time and then they get deleted so by time sister & I got over there it was gone. So, this is the second one he did.

They thought this exhibit was pretty cool.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Mentos Geyser Tube Experiments

Take 1

Take 2

Thursday, December 8, 2016

1st Grade Christmas Concert Videos - 6 of them :)

In a couple of these, there were people who apparently just had to walk in front of me recording to go to the bathroom during the middle of a song and then walk in front of me in another song to come back.

Henry is in the very top left.

That 3rd song seems to not be uploading correctly.....and I deleted it off my phone to get the space back, so it may or may not be there.

1st Grade Christmas Concert Pictures

Mail Call!

A belated birthday card and a Christmas card arrived in the mail for Henry (birthday) and both of the kids (Christmas).