Tuesday, October 3, 2017

His First Publish Book - "Buddy's Book of Death and Life"

He got this kit as a present from his godmother, Kendra. He has a similar kit yet to complete that is a comic book. He brought the book to school today to show of to his teacher and classmates.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Playing on Hay Bales at the Apple Orchard

Playing "Frog in the Middle"

Playing "Frog in the Middle" on the keyboard, a song he recently learned from his weekly piano lesson

Original Song by H

I don't think I shared this on here yet. Here is a video of Henry singing an original song he created. He did this on his own (when she should have been sleeping). He started doing weekly piano lessons this school year and I will have to share his original composition on the keyboard soon too. I just need to record him playing that.

2nd grade Patriots Day

Sent from his teacher on 9/11, Patriots Day

First Day of 2nd Grade - class picture

His teacher had sent this out to us.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

TKD classes

 TKD was actually something H decided he wanted to do and I started getting all the info and shared it with the kids and then sister decided she wanted to do it too.

He also wanted to do some different stuff this year. Fall soccer starts next week and he will do that, when soccer is over he will do TKD 2x a week while sister does it 1x a week, but for now they are both 1x a week.

I plan to have him do basketball in the winter but that is only a few weeks long. In this TKD program the kids can come to ant Tu or The class and we do a punch card.

Not sure how well it will work with them being at the same level and in the same class. We only paid for 10 punches to start, so after 5 classes for each we can decide if they will continue.