Thursday, September 20, 2012

Airport Tour

 Today was our annual Airport Tour. I feel lucky that we have a wonderful municipal airport withing a few miles of our house, and one that is willing to do tours and let the kids get right inside an actual airplane.
 The kids were even treated with being able to watch one take off this morning, although Henry thought he was going to get to actually ride in one and was very upset when he thought it was taking off without him. He calmed down quickly when I told him that he would get to sit in & drive a non-moving one soon.

 Poor boy, we forgot his jacket at the gym, but a mom with 2 girls had an extra jacket and lent it to him. It was too windy to be outside as long as we were for a tour without a jacket.

 Henry is flying co-pilot with his little friend Thor. They have gotten to play together a couple times and  and are in the same room together during MOPS.

 Henry is watching the wing as someone inside moves the one piece (darn it, I forgot the name to that part.) We had a pretty good showing, there were 8 families that came to the tour.

Henry is one back of the airport firetruck which is required to be this color by the FAA. They also had a big tractor there pulling this huge lawn mower. The kids were so excited that they got to see airplanes, a fire truck & tractor.

Our next playgroup tours will be to Ag Power (John Deere tractor store) and the police station.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I told Henry I was going to try boxing class and he says, "Henry wants to take boxing class with mommy" and then he scrunched up his face, balled up his fists and punched in the air. This video he is more jovial then he was when he showed me the first time. He was really serious about boxing. I think he is SOOOOOO going to love TKD when I can sign him up for that after he turns three.