Thursday, March 29, 2012

Playing Outside

Just some fun pictures of playing outside with Henry

Monday, March 19, 2012

Trip to the MN Zoo

 I don't remember what animal is in this exhibit, but his friend thought it smelled and plugged his nose and said Ewwww!, so Henry had to do it too!

 Posing on some rocks. Cheese! Wish I could get him to look at the camera.
 A picture of mommy & Henry by the sculpture of the wolves.
 Going through a tunnel.
 Intrigued by the Leafy Sea Dragon
 Posing in the shark jaws
Pointing out a stingray swimming in the pool

Pics of Henry

 Henry wanted his picture taken too since I was taking a picture of his sister. His hair is growing back all the curls nicely. I want to keep the curls around for another couple weeks, but we'll see what kind of weather we have and if it just becomes a hot mess for him. Then we'll head back to the barber and get him a little boy cut again. But for now he can look like a soccer player or a hockey player.