Friday, February 22, 2013

Nickelodeon Universe

 We took the kids up to the MOA on Saturday night of President's Day weekend....boy was that ever a MISTAKE! We did our basic plan which was to have dinner and take the kids to Legoland (Henry) and American Girl Store (sister) to spend the money they had from the past 2 Christmas's and their last birthday, and go on a ride. Well, it was supposed to be rideS, but after waiting in line for 30 minutes with Henry for this Rugrats bumper cars ride and having him last a minute before he broke down in tears and was shaking and wailing (I had to tell a frazzled worker she HAD to stop the ride to let him off)....well, let's just say that we were done (I bought points passes, so they don't expire). We (Henry & I) actually had been there on Tuesday and he went on a half dozen rides that day and had fun. He had never been on this one before.

Not sure if it was being there on a weekend or a holiday weekend that made the difference, but I don't think we will go on a weekend again for a very long time.

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day

Here is Henry's valentine that I made on Shutterfly. He picked out what he wanted his to be. Unfortunately, Henry didn't get to pass out as many of his since he didn't have "school" (ECFE) that week and our playgroup party was cancelled due to illness and now this week we had a snow day on his school day. So, he only saw a few friends that week to pass his out to.