Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Birthday Party with Friends

 This top collage you can see again on the John Deere Tractor Party Theme post on Sunday on Save Green Being Green but the bottom two you don't see there.

 We had his birthday party with friends out at Ag Power, which is the John Deere dealership in the area. We have done a playgroup there every year for the last few years.

Henry invited 4 friends that we see often & have frequent playdates with to his party, but since it was a daytime party that was not a drop off, siblings were included so it made for a pretty big party for a 3 year old.
I just did cupcake for this party mainly because I was doing all finger food and wanted to avoid needing silverware for everyone. He had a good time and got a lot of JD toys. You can read more stuff about this party in that post on Sunday.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lil' Monster's Ball

 Henry had another chance to wear his Casper the Ghost costume. These pictures were taken at the Lil' Monster's Ball and so far has been my favorite Halloween event by far.

This is Henry playing in one of the sensory tables.

Here he is playing in the other sensory tables. He loved this one and I am going to have to make some moon sand for home.

Henry was not too sure of the fortune teller, although mommy knew she was. She was my pottery teacher and after she heard me talk she knew who I was (I was dressed up as a witch) and knew who my kids were.

 They had a storyteller who read several Halloween stories to them. Henry really enjoyed them.

These are their pumpkins that they carved with our (heavy) assistance.

Be sure to check out sister's blog for other pictures, as well as my Wordless Wednesday on Save Green Being Green on Halloween.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Playgroup Halloween Party

 Henry's primary costume is Casper the Ghost. I made the cape and there is a hood that goes with it too, but he didn't wear it. This was a fabric piece that you cut out all the pieces and stitched it together. It said it was for ages 3-6. I know he is big boy, but I couldn't imagine his 6 year old sister wearing this. And the hood is kinda small, but he will wear it once for pictures because doing the edging on it was a bit of a pain.
 He was trying to jump rope with Carrie and Molly.

He thought he was funny and was hiding from me under a table.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Hike, Lunch & Craft @ Sakatah State Park

 This was a couple weeks ago, when it was probably going to be our last 80 degree day of the day. When we started out it was still in the 60's, so they were dressed in long sleeves. I think it got to 80 after we had to return home to our 1st graders getting home.
 Running down the hill
 The boys really wanted to go IN the lake, but it just wasn't looking healthy enough unfortunately
 Since we wouldn't let them go in the water with their feet, we let them play in the water fountain. They thought that was a ton of fun!
 And throw a bunch of rocks from the shore in to the lake, that was a lot of fun too. Had to be creative with how we could allow them to enjoy the lake.
 My Lil Tree Hugger!
Here is the craft that Henry made. His friend Gavin made one too. You will be able to read more about this next week in my post on Save Green Being Green. It will be on there on Thursday.

Henry's Tractor Painting

 To continue with the tractor theme after our Ag Power tour, we did some painting using tractors & the wheel prints. Both made different kids of tracks, so that was neat to talk about.

 Just starting out with driving his tractors through the paint.

 Notice the lack of pants now in this picture. The paint is washable but I didn't want to track it all over the foam mats (which can easily be washed too, just wanted to keep down the mess.) Actually, he only kneeled it in the above picture but it would drape down in to the paint when he crawled with his knees raised. So, it became a pants-less painting activity.
 He didn't think there enough paint, plus he wanted the opportunity to squirt some paint out by himself. He is becoming quite an independent Little Mister.

His finished product!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ag Power Tour

Here are a bunch of pictures from our Annual tour at Ag Power. We had a dozen kids come and get to climb all over the tractors and gators and go on a tractor ride. 

They moved to a new location with this huge new building and we found out they are willing to do birthday parties, so guess where Henry gets to have his friend birthday party. So, we'll be back here to visit again in a couple weeks.

 Henry is in the back of the "monster truck" (it's what he calls the Gators, we gotta take that boy to see a real monster truck!)
 Henry couldn't wait to start pushing buttons and pulling levers and figure out how to drive it.
 This is a full picture of the tractor from above. It's just a yard tractor but doesn't he look so little on it!
In front of the building with their fall decorations, you can see they have snow blowers inside. Who knew that John Deere made snow blowers?
 Henry is going on a tractor ride. He is inside this one.
 Henry & his friend Thor just got inside the tractor & are waving goodbye to us. They were the lucky ones who got to ride first.
 Driving another (mammoth) yard tractor.
Checking out what toys are there and what he wants for his birthday.