Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ag Power Tour

Here are a bunch of pictures from our Annual tour at Ag Power. We had a dozen kids come and get to climb all over the tractors and gators and go on a tractor ride. 

They moved to a new location with this huge new building and we found out they are willing to do birthday parties, so guess where Henry gets to have his friend birthday party. So, we'll be back here to visit again in a couple weeks.

 Henry is in the back of the "monster truck" (it's what he calls the Gators, we gotta take that boy to see a real monster truck!)
 Henry couldn't wait to start pushing buttons and pulling levers and figure out how to drive it.
 This is a full picture of the tractor from above. It's just a yard tractor but doesn't he look so little on it!
In front of the building with their fall decorations, you can see they have snow blowers inside. Who knew that John Deere made snow blowers?
 Henry is going on a tractor ride. He is inside this one.
 Henry & his friend Thor just got inside the tractor & are waving goodbye to us. They were the lucky ones who got to ride first.
 Driving another (mammoth) yard tractor.
Checking out what toys are there and what he wants for his birthday.

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