Thursday, August 17, 2017


There was a performer at the fair that had a bunch of stuff for the kids to try out and Henry decided to try hooping. He is surprisingly very good at it. I managed to snap some picture of him and just did a short video of him, he can keep it going for a lot longer than what I wanted to record.

Judging and Ribbons

 Here are his 5 participation ribbons. Cloverbud only get participation, but they do get a premium too, which he is excited about. He enjoyed the judging as for Cloverbuds they just ask them to explain their process and don't tell them what to change.

1st Year of 4H Fair Projects

 This is the kids first year in 4-H. We joined in March and things are quite different here in Steele County perhaps even Minnesota than they were in Wisconsin. My understanding is some of the way the projects are is mostly how it has always been.
 The walking stick project is one that he did with his dad in the beginning. They went to a library nearby that was hosting a class that would turn invasive Buckthorn into walking sticks. They were shown how to peel the bark off which I guess feels quite easily. We let it sit out and drive for a while and then he had to sand it and put a spray coat of lacquer on it and then drill a hole and put in his handle.
Then you can see he did a painting of a car and he did to clay projects one of a dog and one of a castle. We had to repair both projects a bit with Crazy Glue because we had let them sit outside on some cardboard to dry after he sprayed lacquer on them to make them shiny and the wind caught it and broke off some pieces then we had to paint over those spots again where the paint had peeled away from the clay. Wii used air-dry clay for this one..

The Tooth Fairy pillow was a little kid that he had to complete and he did a really good job with it. On the backside is a little pocket for him to put his tooth in. Now he just needs to lose some more teeth other than just the one so he can try it out. He does have 3 loose teeth in their butt they are very slow to progress in their wiggling.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Someone is getting glasses....

Today we went to the eye doctor and turns out he needs glasses now too. His sister's prescription changed a bit and they have close to the same prescription. I didn't take any pictures of the glasses she picked out, but I did of Henry. He picked picked out 2 pairs. We went to VisionWorld in Frbo and rt now VW has a promotion that kids 13 & under get 2 pairs for $99 (glasses prices $69.95 & lower, some of those $69.95 glasses are the clearance price). Both of his are the Guess brand. He is very excited and nervous about having glasses. I left the decision completely up to him as to which ones he wanted. I had him pick out 5 pairs and then pick 2 from there. He was very certain these were the 2 he wanted.

Pool Time

Henry and his friend Jared at the pool. Henry learned how to do Flips off the diving board at this visit to the pool. I brought them in the afternoon came home to play and have supper then went back again in the evening. Jared didn't make it for a sleepover and wanted to go home but they had Henry come to their house the next day for a sleepover so Henry was happy to have had a sleepover with a friend this summer.

Took some videos of flips and jumps....

Video 1


Video 3

Video 4