Saturday, August 28, 2010

43 Weeks

Isn't he just too cute! He has become a pro at stairs and I swear the moment you leave gate down he makes a beeline for them and starts climbing. And he knows he's not supposed to. Once he sees that you see him he giggles and tries to crawl up faster.

He has started pointing a lot at things and yelling out something. Not sure what he is telling me.

We also figured out that he says "ba" when he wants us to read him a book. He definitly has his favorite books. If he isn't interested in a book he starts looking around for a different one and tries to close the book you are reading.

Isabel & Henry had been playing a lot more together and she is so good about watching to make sure he isn't putting a choking hazard in his mouth. I guess it's good to have a rule-follower as the first born.

I've been trying to see if he will stand on his own or take his own first steps by letting go of his finger when he is standing in front of me, but he thinks it fun to fall right into me and laughs. He doesn't even try to stand. It even appears as if he is diving in to me when I let go. Guess we'll have to wait until he does it all on his own. With Isabel we had to help her & show her and practice and that was her learning style and still is for everything. Henry's still continues to be, I'll do it on my own and jump right in to it and when I want to. Such different little kids.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Firehouse Tour

Henry had a good time at this tour because he got a lot of attention from 2 of his favorite people. Either mommy was holding him, or sister was holding him. Every truck she got in she wanted Hank (which is only what she calls him these days, or Hankers or Hankie - that one drives me nuts) to sit between her legs and drive with her.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lake Kohlmeier

Science Playdate

Henry got to play in the aftermath of the water soluble packing peanuts. He still had fun.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

42 Weeks

Henry is now 42 weeks. He has discovered that his tongue can make sounds and has startes clicking his tongue and going "Pbrrrrt!"

He crawls all over & crawls fast. Every now & then when he is standing by something he is brave and removes his hand and stands for a second on his own.

I gave him apricots to try this week and he doesn't seem to care for those (neither does Isabel or daddy, so guess mommy gets to eat that whole can.)

Henry & Isabel have been playing together so nicely, but I need to keep an eye on them because sister forgets he's only 9.5 months an not older and can sometimes get a little rough. What she doesn't know is that it won't be too long before he is bigger than her, so she better be nice.

He continues to love to read. In the vehicles we have baskets with some toys & books for the kids (well, they were always for Isabel) but now Henry takes out books and looks at them while we drive. He doesn't even wait for me to get hims buckled in before he reaches over and picks out one.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Straight River Park

This was the first time he got to crawl through the tunnel. He thinks it is pretty fun. He is really enjoying parks now. He still loves swinging, but I think he loves riding down a slide on my lap or sister's lap even more. But now that he can crawl through the tunnel, he has one more thing he can do.

Steele County Free Fair

The animals were by far Henry's favorite part of the fair. We will hopefully (assuming it doesn't rain) go back and see the Exotic Animals again tomorrow. And this weekend when daddy can stay with sister, I will take him in to the animal barns to see them. Henry is such an animal kids, whereas his sister is such a plant kid.
He was able to go on one ride with mommy, the Carousel. He enjoyed that. He also enjoyed sampling some of his sister's cotton candy.

Henry was the youngest entrant in the youth art. He did the initial fingerpainting (just like his sister.) Actually, I put masking tape in the shape of their initials on poster board and then let them fingerpaint over that. After it dried I peeled away the tape to reveal their initials. After we bring home their artwork, there will be one more thing we will do with it, so you'll have to wait & see.

Enjoy His New Teething Biscuits

Isabel & I made these teething biscuits this morning while Henry napped. They are completly organic and only made with 3 ingredients. Head over to my green blog to see how they are made.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Time Camping

Frbo Waterpark (again)

The kids were able to go the Frbo waterpark again, this time compliments of completing the Buckham Library Summer Reading Program. We had a good time and it was nice that the entire family went so that we could take turns holding Henry & going down the waterslide with Isabel. And we could try out the other waterslides. They also had a drawing and both kids won inflatables.

41 Weeks

Two top teeth came in this week. The central and lateral incisor on the right side. It looks like the left central incisor should pop through any moment.

Crytsal Lake Beach

Henry had such a good time here. He just loves to play in the sand.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bottom Half Bath

We had spaghetti tonight, but Henry was too tired for full bath so I started washing him while he sat on the counter, then he scooted himself inside the basin. So, I just took off his onesie & diaper and let him stay in there and gave him a pseudo bath.

Also, Henry started clapping today. It was pretty cute to watch. He will look at something and if he is happy and likes something (well, he is generally happy all the time) he will smile and start clapping. Most of his clapping happened today when he was watching his sister bouncing up & down on the Wonder Pets ride. He was also clapping when he saw a cartoon dog on tv. I can't wait to see what else he starts clapping for.

Another thing I forgot to mention previously is that he sign "All Done", which his interpretation is flapping his arms.

We've also been working on waving for a long time. For quite a while all he would do would move a few fingers up & down, but now he will make some big arm strokes. Although, he always does them when the person he is waving at isn't looking, at least mom saw them.

He continues to love being read too. Right now his favorite books are flap book, although it is hard to do storytime with both him & his sister at the same time with any type of interactive book because they fight over who gets to do it first & who gets to do it most.

And I think I mentioned he pushed though three teeth today and now has 4 bottom teeth. I am sure those top teeth will follow shortly.

He has become quite a good crawler and this weekend tried to so steps, so the baby gates came out.

MOA: Dora's Pirate Adventure Toddler Tuesday

Henry did such a great job being a compliant and accomodating little brother so his sister could have lots of fun at the MOA Toddler Tuesday. He is chewing on his periscope they got from their treasure hunt (and then I notice he pushed through 3 new teeth on the bottom, the 2 central incisors and L lateral incisors, which I figure is why he woke he up at 4am and frantically needed to nurse and be held) and wearing the pirate hat I colored, which he then proceeded to rip up.

The middle picture is of Henry when he is ready to take a nap. He's a hair twirler when he is falling asleep or tired. He ususally only does it when he's tired. He did manage to fall asleep for a short nap while we were there, which allowed sister to go on more rides and gave him that extra bit of energy to stay awake & not cranky for the rest of our visit.

The final picture is of him holding some coral. Underwater Adventures has a table set up with some live sea creatures to touch and other dead, dried items to touch as well. Henry really enjoyed touching all the different textures.

We finished the day with some ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery (Thank you Entertainment Book for the free ice cream coupon for sister and $1 off shake coupon for Henry & I.) Henry & I had a vanilla & caramel shake; it was the smallest size, but was still too much. Isabel had cotton candy ice cream with gummi bears mixed in, a combination only a kid would love.

Mini-Golfing with Friends

Actually, most of the time Henry just sat in his stroller and ate graham crackers. But by the end he was donen with sitting and wanted to get out & crawl around.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pool Time!

Henry loves to go swimming. He gets his little arms & legs going. He loves to play with his toys in the kiddie pool too. But most of all, I think he just loves that mommy holds him constantly for 1-2 hours at a time.

40 Weeks

He has become such a good crawler and is really working on his walking skills. The picture of him playing with water in the sink is our new thing because he gets so incredible messy at meal time that it is easier to just put him by the sink & let him try to grab the stream as I wash his hands, face & clothes.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hanging Out

Here they are playing together (yesterday) and are playing on a mound of pillows and in the other they are playing with play-doh. He is facinated by whatever she is doing and usually she is good about playing with him or at least sharing her stuff with him.

We have spaghetti night in our house weekly now since both kids love it. Isabel just started liking sauce once we gave her "pink" sauce, which is just alfredo & marinara sauce mixed.
This is just Henry & I hanging out & waiting. He' s such a cute boy. He's so smiley and just charms everyone.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Apple Faces

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Out & About in the Area

Henry took 2 two hour naps today! It was awesome. Yet, he still was able to go out to the pool and go swimming with us as a family and then go have a picnic supper & play at a park and then go out for ice cream afterwards.