Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Snow of the Season

Friday, November 18, 2011

Budding Artist

 At one of our recent playdates we hosted, the boys were allowed to paint with acrylics on canvas. These paintings that they did will be featured at the Kids ArtsVenture at the Art Center on Tuesday night. This is our third month of participating (well, sister has done it 3 times, Henry will have done it 2 times.)
 They seemed to have fun painting and mixing all the colors.

Ice Skating

 Believe it or not, this was Henry's first time on ice skates. You can watch a short video of him HERE. Or daddy had posted a different video on Facebook (hopefully you saw it).

We went skating for about 1.5 hours and Henry skated most of it. The first 20 minutes Henry would skate and fall down on purpose (like in the video) because he thought it was funny and was getting him attention. After a while I think falling on his butt (even if on purpose) was not feeling so well, so he stopped.
 He did not want to take a break, even when offered cookies. He just wanted to skate, skate, skate. It would be nice if we have a good year for skating and can go often to our ice park or to Morehouse Park in Owatonna, because both those places are free to skate and we already own skates for all of us. Really hoping we can get to our ice park in our town often because it will most likely be the least busy of all skating places and we can let him skate around without us hovering. I was always so afraid someone would knock him over and then he would get his fingers skated over. Freaked me out!

Look how little he is out there!

Wait until we take him sledding! He is REALLY gonna like that this year.