Wednesday, June 24, 2009

22 Weeks

I look more pregnant today. I think it may be the horizontal stripes because I am not sure that I look any more pregnant this week that I did last week.

Friday, June 19, 2009

21 Weeks

I took this picture yesterday, so it's technically 21 weeks & 1 day. My friend Caitlin is borrowing me several of her maternity items, since she had her son last July and had several summer things. Her daughter is 5 days younger than Isabel, so most of that was similar to mine with lots of fall/winter items. So, it's nice to have a few more tops, skirts & a dress to wear. She has some cute stuff. the top I am wearing is one of them. Thanks Caitlin!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ugh! I Hate Gaining Weight.

Seeing that number rise & rise is so discouraging, even though I know it is supposed to happen during pregnancy. I have gained a total of 6 pounds so far, but 5 of that was within the last month. Bah! I should have only gained 3-4 pounds last month, not 5.

Today was another OB appt and basically all it was for was to go over ultrasound reults (which the tech did such a good job that I knew all that stuff already), get my blood pressure (still continues to be excellent), get a weight (ugh!), and listen to the heartbeat (130 beats per minute).

My next visit will be very routine like this one, but the one after that will be the glucose screen. I hate having to do that fasting.

Tomorrow it's 21 weeks.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's a Boy!

So, here are 5 of the 10 ultrasound pictures that they sent home with us. There is no mistaking that this child is a boy. What a prominent penis for such a little guy! I am sure daddy is proud.
And here's a foot.

The profile is actually clearer on the picture. I took pictures of the pictures since it was quicker that way than scanning each photo in and dealing with cropping and even though I turned off the flash there was still some relfection & shadowing of me taking the picture.

Here you can see the whole arm.

And this was the best look at the face that the ultrasound technician could get. He wasn't as cooperative with having his head in the right positions for pictures & measurements as he was with everything else.
It was a relatively quick ultrasound since he was mostly cooperative with everything and she could get measurements and pictures of everything they needed. They only printed off 10 for us, but she took a whole bunch more.
Some of the highlights:
* Spinal cord is closed (good thing, means no spinia bifida)
* 4 chamber heart (just what it is supposed to be and pumping nicely and all the correct proportions)
* 140 beats per minute at this visit
* Weighs (approx.) 11 ounces now
* Saw a clear image of the nose & lip, no cleft
* Baby is facing down
* Plancenta has developed correctly and there looks no be no issues with that
* The Femur Length put the baby at 19 weeks 6 days
* The Abdominal Circumference put the baby at 20 weeks 2 days
* The Head Measurement put the baby at 20 weeks 5 days (great! can't wait to push out a big head!)
* And there was some other measurement that put the baby at 20 weeks 4 days
* The umbilical cord is 2 arteries & 1 vein (just what it is supposed to be)
So, they are still keeping the due date at 10/28 since the altered due date based on size is so close (10/26). But this little boy is growing fast, since at the ultrasound at 10 weeks they measurements put the due date at 11/1, but they still kept it 10/28 since it was close enough. So, from one ultrasound the next he is 6 days (almost a week) bigger in size.
So, hopefully he will come early or on time. For some reason people seem to think that having a baby born on Halloween would be awesome. I would rather not. I would like the baby to have it's own birthday and that way Halloween can just be Halloween for the baby & Isabel.
As for a name, we haven't sat down and said for sure what the name will be, but the discussion on a boy name will be much easier than a girl name. We started talking about a girl name and have very different ideas this time around.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

20 Weeks

Here is a collage of Isabel & I showing off our Baby Bellys at 20 weeks. She thinks she has a baby in her belly too, which is pretty common for young kids. She informed daddy last night that he did not have a baby in his belly, just her & mommy.

I should be interesting when we have our ultrasound tomorrow and they only check mommy's belly. I am excited to see the baby; I just wish our appt. wasn't so early in the morning, but I had to make it that early so that daddy could come & still go to work afterwards for most of the day.

This is the first picture of my baby belly that I have put on Facebook. Not sure how many I will actually put on there, but I wanted to do this collage of Isabel & I because I think it's so darn cute that she wanted individual pictures of us holding our baby bellys. To get the picture of her holding my belly I had to bribe her with three gummy bears.

The slideshow above is finally updated with the picture from last week and the one from today.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cake Shower Photo

Here is a picture of myself with Isabel, her friend Rachael & my friend Elizabeth who put together the little cake shower. It must have been a pain in the arse to roll up all those diapers in the diaper cake, because I know it was a pain the arse to take the rubber band off each one & unroll them. But they are all unrolled and ready to go in another 20 weeks. There are a couple more pictures of Isabel eating cake with her friends on her blog.

19 Weeks

I was at my parents' house, which is why the delay in uploading a picture. But this was taken last Wednesday when I was officially 19 weeks. Next week Thursday is the ultrasound appointment.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Cake" Shower

Right now we (Isabel & I) are in WI visiting friends & family. Currently, we are in O-town and we just attended a playgroup with our old playgroup yesterday. If it wasn't for seeing the kids growing up & changing so fast it would have felt like I never left, but I do miss all of them so. It was so nice to see so many of my friends.

Anyways, at the playgroup my friend Elizabeth had arranged a "cake" shower. There will be a picture coming soon when I am back at home. Anyways, she bought a cake for all the moms & kids to share, that was a HUGE hit with the kids, and she made one of those diaper cakes with sizes NB, 1 & 2. I had never received one of those before. And she also gave me a couple boxes of tea. She is such a sweetheart. She is trying to spoil me in moving back here someday soon.

Right now we are at my friend Lori's house and we will head to Elizabeth's for the weekend this morning. Lori & Rachael bought the baby a "neenee" pink baby blanket. Rachael has one just like it in purple that she calls her "neenee" (sp?) and thought the baby needed one and really wanted the baby to have pink, guess we'll know how fitting that is next week. And Lori let me raid her 0-6 months clothes to pick out some long sleeve tops & long pants in gender neutral colors. I have some gender neutral stuff from Isabel, but not much was warm weather clothes. Rachael was born in April, so she had a few things that were warmer. My friends here are spoiling me too much, but I am eating it up (just like the cake yesterday -- mmmmmM!)