Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's a Boy!

So, here are 5 of the 10 ultrasound pictures that they sent home with us. There is no mistaking that this child is a boy. What a prominent penis for such a little guy! I am sure daddy is proud.
And here's a foot.

The profile is actually clearer on the picture. I took pictures of the pictures since it was quicker that way than scanning each photo in and dealing with cropping and even though I turned off the flash there was still some relfection & shadowing of me taking the picture.

Here you can see the whole arm.

And this was the best look at the face that the ultrasound technician could get. He wasn't as cooperative with having his head in the right positions for pictures & measurements as he was with everything else.
It was a relatively quick ultrasound since he was mostly cooperative with everything and she could get measurements and pictures of everything they needed. They only printed off 10 for us, but she took a whole bunch more.
Some of the highlights:
* Spinal cord is closed (good thing, means no spinia bifida)
* 4 chamber heart (just what it is supposed to be and pumping nicely and all the correct proportions)
* 140 beats per minute at this visit
* Weighs (approx.) 11 ounces now
* Saw a clear image of the nose & lip, no cleft
* Baby is facing down
* Plancenta has developed correctly and there looks no be no issues with that
* The Femur Length put the baby at 19 weeks 6 days
* The Abdominal Circumference put the baby at 20 weeks 2 days
* The Head Measurement put the baby at 20 weeks 5 days (great! can't wait to push out a big head!)
* And there was some other measurement that put the baby at 20 weeks 4 days
* The umbilical cord is 2 arteries & 1 vein (just what it is supposed to be)
So, they are still keeping the due date at 10/28 since the altered due date based on size is so close (10/26). But this little boy is growing fast, since at the ultrasound at 10 weeks they measurements put the due date at 11/1, but they still kept it 10/28 since it was close enough. So, from one ultrasound the next he is 6 days (almost a week) bigger in size.
So, hopefully he will come early or on time. For some reason people seem to think that having a baby born on Halloween would be awesome. I would rather not. I would like the baby to have it's own birthday and that way Halloween can just be Halloween for the baby & Isabel.
As for a name, we haven't sat down and said for sure what the name will be, but the discussion on a boy name will be much easier than a girl name. We started talking about a girl name and have very different ideas this time around.

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