Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

42 Degrees on Feb. 13th

It was a beautiful day at 42 degrees in February. It's a nice break from the cold & wind and we are supposed to have this kind of weather all week.

We got to Straight River Park to go sledding and play on the playground. We miss the park.

This aftenoon, some friends came over to play with us in or yard and we got out the bikes & other ride on toys, some balls, chalk, swings in the garage. It was good to be able to play in the driveway again without worrying about slipping on ice.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Timberland Playland - Day 2

Our second time back to the dry play park. Henry got out there a little bit, but he was a little clingy today.

WI Dells: Wild Waterdome

Sunday, February 6, 2011

WI Dells: Wild West Waterpark

Here is a bunch of pictures of Henry at the waterpark. He liked it, but wasn't feeling the best this morning since daddy wasn't careful about watching him near the fireplace in the condo and he put his hands on it and burned his hands a bit. It looks like he might have one small blister as a result, but other than that he's ok. It just hurts for a while.

Well, as soon as the kids wake up we heading to the Timberland Dry Park.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

WI Dells Vacation

We decided at the beginning of the week to take a 4 day vacation to WI Dells. We came back to the Wilderness again (3rd year in a row). We really like all the options we have here of 4 indoor waterparks and 1 dry park. Tonight we went to the waterpark in the same building as our condo called Cubby's Cove. It's a waterpark geared towards families with young children.

On the way here we stopped at the best McDs play place we had ever been to. You can read mroe about it on sister's blog.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Spin Me!

I watched Henry as he crawled up on his activity table and into this spinning car toy and try to make himself spin in it. It didn't workout so well and it made me think that I should go get the sit-n-spin out of storage. I had stored it since sister never took to it, but he always seems to like the toys she didn't. Anyways, he loved spinning on it with my help, but couldn't do it himself. But what he could do himself was stand on it and dance to the music it makes when you press a button.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

RADZoo & Frbo Mall Playground

The kids and I took a couple of afternoon trips to fun places by ourselves this week. We went to the RADZoo, where we have a membership. The kids got to pet a Kingsnake this time. Henry's favorite thing to do on this visit was rump up & down the ramp that goes to the MN Turtle Pond. He finally figured out how to bend his knees to go down hills & ramps. So, he had to keep practicing it over & over & over again.

The other place we went to was this indoor playground in the Frbo Mall. A friend told us about it. It's nothing too special, but it's free and it's a place indoors that kids can get some large muscles movements in. They had a good time and we will definitly remember to go back and check it out again when the kids are in need of some space to climb & slide.
Tomorrow we will also go to open gym gymnastics. That's not free, but I buy a punchcard for $45 for 10-punches and it's a punch each time for the entire family. So, $4.50 for an hour of them using gymnastics equipment is pretty good. We don't do gymnastics with sister anymore because it got too expensive and frankly, we got too busy and she had chosen swim & dance as her activites. Although, right now we are not in swim lessons again until the summer.

Henry's Friends

I decided to take some pictures of Henry at his ECFE class in Faribault. I decided we would take it this trimester since I missed us seeing the Baby Mamas, but then after I signed up one of the moms organized a formal playgroup for us so we see them once a week for playgroup & another time for ECFE class. We probably won't take this ECFE class next trimester since it is kinda pricey. But you get an idea of some of the activities they have set out for the kids to do in the collage above.

Henry was so curious about baby Dina. This was taken a few days earlier (well, actually a week earlier). He kept patting her head and wanting to look at her. I was so surprised at how interested he was in her. Since then he scopes out babies whereever we go and wants to look at them. He seems very fond of babies.

This was a week earlier too. It's not the best picture since I only had my phone with me and my new phone doesn't have as good of a camera as my old one. There were also a couple more families that joined us for this playgroup too. We met at the Faribault library where they got a whole bunch of wonderful new toys and really made a play space for the kids to come & enjoy. It's very inviting and so nice to have it.