Thursday, February 3, 2011

Henry's Friends

I decided to take some pictures of Henry at his ECFE class in Faribault. I decided we would take it this trimester since I missed us seeing the Baby Mamas, but then after I signed up one of the moms organized a formal playgroup for us so we see them once a week for playgroup & another time for ECFE class. We probably won't take this ECFE class next trimester since it is kinda pricey. But you get an idea of some of the activities they have set out for the kids to do in the collage above.

Henry was so curious about baby Dina. This was taken a few days earlier (well, actually a week earlier). He kept patting her head and wanting to look at her. I was so surprised at how interested he was in her. Since then he scopes out babies whereever we go and wants to look at them. He seems very fond of babies.

This was a week earlier too. It's not the best picture since I only had my phone with me and my new phone doesn't have as good of a camera as my old one. There were also a couple more families that joined us for this playgroup too. We met at the Faribault library where they got a whole bunch of wonderful new toys and really made a play space for the kids to come & enjoy. It's very inviting and so nice to have it.

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