Thursday, February 3, 2011

RADZoo & Frbo Mall Playground

The kids and I took a couple of afternoon trips to fun places by ourselves this week. We went to the RADZoo, where we have a membership. The kids got to pet a Kingsnake this time. Henry's favorite thing to do on this visit was rump up & down the ramp that goes to the MN Turtle Pond. He finally figured out how to bend his knees to go down hills & ramps. So, he had to keep practicing it over & over & over again.

The other place we went to was this indoor playground in the Frbo Mall. A friend told us about it. It's nothing too special, but it's free and it's a place indoors that kids can get some large muscles movements in. They had a good time and we will definitly remember to go back and check it out again when the kids are in need of some space to climb & slide.
Tomorrow we will also go to open gym gymnastics. That's not free, but I buy a punchcard for $45 for 10-punches and it's a punch each time for the entire family. So, $4.50 for an hour of them using gymnastics equipment is pretty good. We don't do gymnastics with sister anymore because it got too expensive and frankly, we got too busy and she had chosen swim & dance as her activites. Although, right now we are not in swim lessons again until the summer.

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