Monday, June 20, 2016

Gators Baseball

Henry's team is the Gators. Tonight they played the Rangers. He's a little chatty out on the bases, but he can hit off the pitch on the first throw and has some hustle. He seems to be enjoying it. He got to play 3rd and 2nd base tonight.

While, sister's away....

Sister is at camp for 4 days so I made sure to have some fun planned for Henry. Today he got to have his friend Daniel come over and play at our house in the morning and then go to the pool in the afternoon. Tomorrow he gets to go see the movie Finding Dory and play with his friend Gavin. Wednesday he will have his friend Jared over for a playdate.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fun at the cabin

 He can be such a good sometimes. He has such a fun personality.

Except when he is crabby, then his personality is not so fun. And sometimes crabbiness means you have stayed up too late 2 days in a row and up early 2 mornings and you fall asleep under your bed, where you went to pout, at 6:30pm.


Henry really wanted to play soccer and found one he could do on week nights in the summer. Only 1 night so far and he loves it. He will have soccer 2 nights a week and soft pitch 2 other nights a week for most of June and July.


They grow up too fast. I wish it would slow down right now. Had to take a picture with him and his beloved stuffed animals.