Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MN Children's Museum

 I think the Habitot room was his favorite and I felt best about him being in there since they can't just walk out and everything is at their level. That room is for ages 4 & under.
 This slide is in the Habitot room as well. He can get in some good crawling, climbing & sliding in this room. He likes all the other rooms too, it's just harder to keep an eye on him when he's so short and fast.

I need to say he is short instead of small because he got mad at me the other day and told me he was big. He wants to be big, not small. Short seems to be acceptable (for now.)
 Of course the room with water & bubbles is always a huge hit.
 Playing in the water.
 This "factory" always cracks me up watching the kids work so hard to get the blocks through their part of the assembly line and have no idea that they are moving the same blocks over & over.
This was in the Storyland exhibit. They boy wouldn't slow down enough for me to get a decent picture of him in here. His favorite part of this exhibit was walking over the "snow" from A Snowy Day and putting the letters up the coconut tree for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.