Friday, October 14, 2011

Ag Power Tour

 Henry has such a blast "driving" the tractors. Then the let the kids take real tractor rides and Henry got to sit on the managers lap and help drive. He is going to love when we go to grandma & grandpas next week. He couldn't get enough of tractors. And while we were there, one of his friends bought a toy tractor for his birthday present, so we'll see that that is in a couple of weeks.

Open Gym Gymnastics

 We are pretty happy (& lucky) that one of our area gymnastics clubs holds a preschool open gym gymnastics times. It is a great way for kids to get rid of energy and have a fun time. I know Henry has been loving going here and getting mom all to himself. We love to go down the TumbleTrak and jump onto the big squishy foam mat at the end.

Fall Toddler Time

 Henry gets together with two of his friends on a weekly basis for a Toddler Time Themed Playgroup. It is a group of 3 families and we rotate hosting responsibilities and whoever is hosting picks the theme and plans out a storytime, craft, activities, snack or whatever else they want on their chosen theme.

This was last Friday and the theme was Fall (leaves, bugs, pumpkins). The kids received ample outside time.
 Of course there were leaf piles and lots of silliness going on with them.

 Inside we did a couple crafts. One of them was making leaf imprints (which the older ones were better able to do, the younger ones just wanted to color their paper and tape leaves on, which is ok too.)
 Here you can see Henry coloring away. He loves to color, which I am very happy about. Maybe I will have two little crafters. :)
The snack was a ladybug made out of a grape, strawberry & mini chocolate chips. Very clever.

The previous playgroup themes were Planes (we hosted this one) and apples. This week we didn't meet because our larger playgroup had a tour at Ag Power (will be posted soon) and next week is MEA, so we won't meet again. But the Friday before Halloween we will be back together again.