Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Weekend

Just a normal day.....

2017 K-2 Track & Field Day

Here are a bunch of pictures & one video for track & field day for grades K-2. Henry has actually gotten quite fast and is one of the fastest kids in his grade. Currently he is the fastest boy in his classroom. Last year he surprised himself and started out now being so fast and being in the slower half to run the half mile but by the end of the year in kindergarten he was the fastest boy in the 1/2 mile in his classroom. This year when they did the 1/2 mile at the start of the year and ending of the year he was the first boy in his classroom for both. His spring time 1/2 mile was 4:06.

This was his first time ever doing hurdles, so he started out a little slow because he wasn't sure about it, but by the end he caught and beat the kid he was racing to the end of the Hurdles.

Ummmmm.....he's not going to be a high jumper. Lol!

Videos from the Mexico Trip Kids Show

These are some little video clips from our trip to Mazatlan, Mexico of the kids show that the kids were in. They had to practice and rehearse one of the days. They had a good time with it.\

Random Old Videos

So, I have videos on my phone taking up space, I needed to get them off and on youtube, so I will be sharing them on both kids blogs and mine.

Crayola Experience Field Trip

I will tell more about this on Save Green Being Green, but what I will say it was a lot of fun and we plan to get  family membership so that we can all go several times over the next yer.

Monday, May 8, 2017

1st grade Spring concert

 Just some pictures from Henry's first grade spring concert he knew all the words to everything but is feeling a lot more self-conscious and shy these days.
 As you can see I have no Smiles in the picture when he is up on stage, bus miles came when I took his picture by himself afterwards.
 We got one more use out of this little dress up vest set but I think it will have to be retired now. He wore it last year for the spring concert and this year. He is growing like a weed and growing out of a lot of stuff.
You can view the concerts online at

1st grade Farm Field Trip

Last week Henry had his first spring field trip for the end of the school year. They went to a dairy farm and got to see how email girl works and three different breeds of cows. They also had a petting zoo with a lamb a goat piglets and a pony for them to pet.

 There was also a couple pieces of Machinery they were allowed to go sit in and pretend to drive. Henry opted not to go into the skid steer because he can do that anytime he wants with his grandpa. The last collage on the bottom is some pictures of some other friends of his, he is in the one of them eating a snack.

This was just the three classes of first grade that went on this field trip. This Farm ships to organic valley, so it is an organic dairy farm. The Minnesota Dairy Association sponsors Farm field trips for the kids. And 3rd grade he gets to go to another Farm. Earlier this year they had a field trip to the library , which is something that he has been to a lot and has his own library card but a lot of kids have not in this may be the first time they have ever been there or the first time they are getting their own library card.

He has one more field trip coming up later in the month to the Crayola Experience at the Mall of America. I wasn't picked to be one of the free chaperones but they gave the option before other adults to pay for their own admission to come along as a chaperone so I will be doing that.