Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bottom Half Bath

We had spaghetti tonight, but Henry was too tired for full bath so I started washing him while he sat on the counter, then he scooted himself inside the basin. So, I just took off his onesie & diaper and let him stay in there and gave him a pseudo bath.

Also, Henry started clapping today. It was pretty cute to watch. He will look at something and if he is happy and likes something (well, he is generally happy all the time) he will smile and start clapping. Most of his clapping happened today when he was watching his sister bouncing up & down on the Wonder Pets ride. He was also clapping when he saw a cartoon dog on tv. I can't wait to see what else he starts clapping for.

Another thing I forgot to mention previously is that he sign "All Done", which his interpretation is flapping his arms.

We've also been working on waving for a long time. For quite a while all he would do would move a few fingers up & down, but now he will make some big arm strokes. Although, he always does them when the person he is waving at isn't looking, at least mom saw them.

He continues to love being read too. Right now his favorite books are flap book, although it is hard to do storytime with both him & his sister at the same time with any type of interactive book because they fight over who gets to do it first & who gets to do it most.

And I think I mentioned he pushed though three teeth today and now has 4 bottom teeth. I am sure those top teeth will follow shortly.

He has become quite a good crawler and this weekend tried to so steps, so the baby gates came out.

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