Thursday, August 19, 2010

Steele County Free Fair

The animals were by far Henry's favorite part of the fair. We will hopefully (assuming it doesn't rain) go back and see the Exotic Animals again tomorrow. And this weekend when daddy can stay with sister, I will take him in to the animal barns to see them. Henry is such an animal kids, whereas his sister is such a plant kid.
He was able to go on one ride with mommy, the Carousel. He enjoyed that. He also enjoyed sampling some of his sister's cotton candy.

Henry was the youngest entrant in the youth art. He did the initial fingerpainting (just like his sister.) Actually, I put masking tape in the shape of their initials on poster board and then let them fingerpaint over that. After it dried I peeled away the tape to reveal their initials. After we bring home their artwork, there will be one more thing we will do with it, so you'll have to wait & see.

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