Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MOA: Dora's Pirate Adventure Toddler Tuesday

Henry did such a great job being a compliant and accomodating little brother so his sister could have lots of fun at the MOA Toddler Tuesday. He is chewing on his periscope they got from their treasure hunt (and then I notice he pushed through 3 new teeth on the bottom, the 2 central incisors and L lateral incisors, which I figure is why he woke he up at 4am and frantically needed to nurse and be held) and wearing the pirate hat I colored, which he then proceeded to rip up.

The middle picture is of Henry when he is ready to take a nap. He's a hair twirler when he is falling asleep or tired. He ususally only does it when he's tired. He did manage to fall asleep for a short nap while we were there, which allowed sister to go on more rides and gave him that extra bit of energy to stay awake & not cranky for the rest of our visit.

The final picture is of him holding some coral. Underwater Adventures has a table set up with some live sea creatures to touch and other dead, dried items to touch as well. Henry really enjoyed touching all the different textures.

We finished the day with some ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery (Thank you Entertainment Book for the free ice cream coupon for sister and $1 off shake coupon for Henry & I.) Henry & I had a vanilla & caramel shake; it was the smallest size, but was still too much. Isabel had cotton candy ice cream with gummi bears mixed in, a combination only a kid would love.

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