Saturday, August 28, 2010

43 Weeks

Isn't he just too cute! He has become a pro at stairs and I swear the moment you leave gate down he makes a beeline for them and starts climbing. And he knows he's not supposed to. Once he sees that you see him he giggles and tries to crawl up faster.

He has started pointing a lot at things and yelling out something. Not sure what he is telling me.

We also figured out that he says "ba" when he wants us to read him a book. He definitly has his favorite books. If he isn't interested in a book he starts looking around for a different one and tries to close the book you are reading.

Isabel & Henry had been playing a lot more together and she is so good about watching to make sure he isn't putting a choking hazard in his mouth. I guess it's good to have a rule-follower as the first born.

I've been trying to see if he will stand on his own or take his own first steps by letting go of his finger when he is standing in front of me, but he thinks it fun to fall right into me and laughs. He doesn't even try to stand. It even appears as if he is diving in to me when I let go. Guess we'll have to wait until he does it all on his own. With Isabel we had to help her & show her and practice and that was her learning style and still is for everything. Henry's still continues to be, I'll do it on my own and jump right in to it and when I want to. Such different little kids.

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