Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Someone is getting glasses....

Today we went to the eye doctor and turns out he needs glasses now too. His sister's prescription changed a bit and they have close to the same prescription. I didn't take any pictures of the glasses she picked out, but I did of Henry. He picked picked out 2 pairs. We went to VisionWorld in Frbo and rt now VW has a promotion that kids 13 & under get 2 pairs for $99 (glasses prices $69.95 & lower, some of those $69.95 glasses are the clearance price). Both of his are the Guess brand. He is very excited and nervous about having glasses. I left the decision completely up to him as to which ones he wanted. I had him pick out 5 pairs and then pick 2 from there. He was very certain these were the 2 he wanted.

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