Sunday, October 14, 2012

Henry's Tractor Painting

 To continue with the tractor theme after our Ag Power tour, we did some painting using tractors & the wheel prints. Both made different kids of tracks, so that was neat to talk about.

 Just starting out with driving his tractors through the paint.

 Notice the lack of pants now in this picture. The paint is washable but I didn't want to track it all over the foam mats (which can easily be washed too, just wanted to keep down the mess.) Actually, he only kneeled it in the above picture but it would drape down in to the paint when he crawled with his knees raised. So, it became a pants-less painting activity.
 He didn't think there enough paint, plus he wanted the opportunity to squirt some paint out by himself. He is becoming quite an independent Little Mister.

His finished product!

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