Friday, February 22, 2013

Nickelodeon Universe

 We took the kids up to the MOA on Saturday night of President's Day weekend....boy was that ever a MISTAKE! We did our basic plan which was to have dinner and take the kids to Legoland (Henry) and American Girl Store (sister) to spend the money they had from the past 2 Christmas's and their last birthday, and go on a ride. Well, it was supposed to be rideS, but after waiting in line for 30 minutes with Henry for this Rugrats bumper cars ride and having him last a minute before he broke down in tears and was shaking and wailing (I had to tell a frazzled worker she HAD to stop the ride to let him off)....well, let's just say that we were done (I bought points passes, so they don't expire). We (Henry & I) actually had been there on Tuesday and he went on a half dozen rides that day and had fun. He had never been on this one before.

Not sure if it was being there on a weekend or a holiday weekend that made the difference, but I don't think we will go on a weekend again for a very long time.

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