Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Official.

I went to the doctor to take a pee test and briefly met with the doctor. It's annoying that I still have to take a pee test in their office after I had 3 positive ones at home, but I understand why they do it.

Anyways, I didn't learn anything new. The confirmed October 28th as a due date & I'll be 5 weeks tomorrow. The doc suggested waiting until after 8 weeks to tell people or up to 12 weeks if we can.

I'll have another appointment in 4-6 weeks (which I will be 9-11 weeks along) and we will hopefully hear a heartbeat.

The doctor asked Isabel is she was ready to be a big sister and her response was a very soft & concerned sounding, "Noooooo." I told Isabel we had plenty of time to get ready for that.

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