Friday, January 14, 2011

After Supper Projects

Henry has been plagued by the witching hour between 4-6pm. Even though he just had a snack at 3:30 & just woke up from his nap at 2:30, he walks around the house whining and crying and putting his head on my nap and coming to me for extra hugs starting around 4:15, every night!

If I hold him, he is fine, but if I let him loose on his toys he just seems at a loss (even though any other times he can find lots to play with.) It has become difficult to make supper because he is either being held or trying to crawl up my pant leg to get to my arms. But then I feed them supper around 5pm and he will go play for about 10 minutes after supper until it starts again.

So, last night since I had a project planned for sister, I thought I should get him up in his highchair and give him some projects of his own. While the coloring & playdoh held his interest, he did good and we made it to 6pm. At which point I let him go play with his toys again and he seemed to be fine.

Then we all went upstairs to play & put clothes away and he was fine. And before we knew it, it was 6:45 and Henry needed to get ready for bed. But that 4-6pmm witching hour is for the birds!

** So, this was taken last night and you can see the mop of hair that was cut off this morning.**

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