Thursday, November 8, 2012

Police Station Tour

We just had our annual playgroup police station tour today. Small turnout to this one, but sometimes that is good when you have narrow hallways and stairwells to walk through.

 This was the first year they took us upstairs to see the Detective's Bureau and the Evidence Lab & storage (well, we only got to peek in the storage area. We weren't allowed in.) We also got to see the 911 Emergency Call center which we have never seen before. It was a really good tour.
 The kids were able to sit in the front and back of a couple of squad cars. Mommy even sat in the back of one (only time in my life!) There is not any legroom in there, they certainly don't want you to be comfortable if you are back there.
 The community service officer giving us the tour let Henry turn on the sirens several times. He was proud but the noise was still loud & scary to him.

 The kids were all very good listeners and there was absolutely no monkey business. I wonder how many kids were afraid they would go to jail if they misbehaved there.

Here is Henry getting his sticker badge. They gave all the kids a sticker badge, a pencil, and a frisbee.

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