Wednesday, July 8, 2009

24 Weeks

Random thoughts related to baby boy:

It's funny looking back at the pictures in the slideshow, because at the time I could see that baby bump, but 12 weeks later - not so much.

Seems like the word has spread around daddy's family that we were considering naming baby boy "Henry", spread like wildfire. The thing is, that was the boy name for Isabel and we still like it, but we just haven't sat down and looked through a baby name book. There just isn't the time to do that with already having a child at home. That's not to say that we won't name him Henry, we just haven't talked about any other names. And it turns out it was a pretty big family names for both families. Grandma I seemed happy about the name Henry, although she informed me that in her family it was Henri. Daddy & I already ruled out the name with an "i".

I bought a five-year baby book & first year calendar (REALLY liked using that with Isabel) from Amazon. We'll see how good I do with those for a second child (or not).

Our crib was recalled, so that was returned this past weekend to Target and now we have to decide on a new crib to buy. We plan to buy another convertible crib so that it can grow with him.

Isabel talks a lot to the baby, which is so cute to see. She is also still insistant that she has a baby in her belly. She actually got to feel him kick (for real) the other day. She says she feels him kick all the time, but it is not really happening at that time. So, I got her to put her hand on my belly when he was kicking the other night. He is a lot more active than she was & I actually see my belly moving a lot with his kicks/punches. She was more relaxed in the womb. I think he has started getting hiccups too as I have been having these rhythmic hits every once in a while.

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