Wednesday, July 15, 2009

25 Weeks

I asked Isabel if she wanted to be in the picture and hold my belly, but she really thought she needed to be looking at my belly to hold it.

So, no progress on finding a new crib yet, basically because we just haven't looked. But we did buy a new area rug for the room and no longer are using that floral one in there.

Baby boy continues to move around a lot. And if there is a day when I am particularly active and don't sit much (so, he's rocked to sleep all day) then he starts kicking me at 10pm and doesn't stop for 2 hours. Then he is up again around 3am-ish and then again at 5:30am-ish. They say that they are already on their newborn sleep schedule at this age, so I am getting a taste of what that is going to be like. I didn't notice it as much with Isabel, but this one kicks me so much & so hard that he wakes me up.

So, I am starting to think that I will go to bed earlier than I do now & pump before I go so that daddy can do the feeding at 10pm and I can get a good chunk of sleep in at one time. It was actually a tip I just read in a parenting magazine as the good solution to letting moms get a 4 hour stretch of sleep, if to let dad take the first night feeding so that she can go to bed and sleep through that feeding and through the next sleep cycle of the child. So, this child is going to have to learn to take a bottle right away (which was the plan anyways, we don't want a repeat of what happened with Isabel after we waited 2 months.)

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