Friday, June 18, 2010

33 Weeks Old

Today wa a play-at-home-all-day day. We tried out pudding painting with Henry. I made some vanilla pudding & added food coloring and we went outside. I didn't dare try this in his highchair because he is a messier child with food that his sister was. He shared the "paints" with his sister and the both had a lot of fun.

Afterward, we got the watertable out that Henry received for Christmas. Both kids loved it. It is great practice on standing and moving along the side of something for Henry.

This week I took the kids swimming twice and they both had so much fun. The kiddie pool is great for Henry to stand in and play with toys along the side and move along the edge to get more toys, plus he does a good job walking to me when I hold his fingers since he is a little more bouyant.
Henry has been trying lots of new foods lately, including strawberries, zucchini, mandarin oranges, & egg yolks. He doesn't care to eat much baby cereal or pureed food anymore. Even though he doesn't have any teeth, he does a good job mashing. I would say about 60% of what he eats now is table food cut up into small pieces. Although I try to make sure he has some baby cereal at one meal so that he is getting enough iron, since they claim that after 6 months they don't get enough iron in breastmilk.
He has started repeating "mamamama" when he is sad & wants to be picked up just like his sister did before. He is doing this pretty much at the same time as she did. I keep wondering if he will teeth at the same time as her, which is coming up soon if he does.

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