Thursday, June 17, 2010

Playing Catch-up With Pictures

Gosh, I have been really good about uploading the pictures & making collages and putting a few on FB, but there are always so many other that are going on the blogs that aren'y goin on FB, plus there is the pressure to put in text, so it gets delayed and then I am a week behind. Oh well, now you can see them.

The "Weeks" picture I usually get in the slide show that day or within a day, so you can always watch that to see it if I don't have it in a post yet.

Henry was more into the dog (which is the mascot of the company sponsoring the musical.) You can see that when Cinderella was holding him he wanted to look at the dog.

This is the shirt I made him for Easter. His sister thinks I need to make one for daddy for Father's Day so they can match & so daddy can be handsome like Henry. Don't worry daddy, I won't make you one.

This is Henry on a playdate with his friend Leighton & his mom Melanie. We met them in our Baby & Me class and have 2-3 playdates with them a week. Plus some members from our Baby & Me class formed a baby playgroup and get together weekly (same day as our clas was), so we see them at that too.

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