Tuesday, July 27, 2010

38 Weeks

Ok - finally getting around to posting this weeks picture.

He is happy here, but the past few days have been lots of crying, tears, pain, drool, clinginess, altered sleep patterns, not eating much & fevers as he toughs it through teething. He pushed through his right lateral incisor last week and now it looks like he might be working on the top central teeth. They are so swollen and red. He won't let me in his mouth to see what's going on. Poor guy. We did try ibuprofen with him and it works for him (Isabel & I can't take it, at least as an infant Isabel couldn't take it - it made her puke). For Henry it helps lower his fever where acetominophen was not and it has the bonus of lasting twice as long.
This is Henry today at the MOA. We had to change our plans and come back home earlier than we planned because he was having a meltdown. Poor boy was so tired & uncomfortable. Luckily, his sister was very understanding and wasn't too heartbroken. After a 2.5 hour nap at home he seemed a bit better and we went swimming for an hour, we had some near meltdowns but we were able to quickly distract him from it.

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skk521 said...

Poor guy. Hope the teeth pop through soon!