Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well, Henry wanted in on the Spanish candies that came in the mail yesterday. So I figured the least choking hazard of them was the chocolate wafers. Can you tell that he enjoyed them?

Well, today he said "more" for the first time, but I don't believe that was his first word. His first word is going to be "mama", which he says more like "mah, mah, mah". It seemed like this weekend he was saying it to me specifically, but I wasn't really sure until today when we were eating spaghetti and he was frantically waving his arms yelling "muh! muh! muh!" at me.

Then I would look at him and sign "more" and he would calm & smile at me. And we kept repeating this every time his mouth was empty of spaghetti. The boy loves his spaghetti! But I can't blame him, it's my favorite too and lucky for him we usually eat spaghetti every week.

He didn't do this with other food. And when his plate was empty of spaghetti, he got this really sad look on his face and I signed/said "more" and then he gave me a confused look as he looked from the plate to my sign (since the plate was empty). Then I went & filled his plate with more spaghetti & sauce and while I was cutting it he started waving his arms and yelling "muh! muh! muh!" again and so the routine continued.

It was all very precious. Then later on he called "mah, mah, mah" to me a couple different times when he wanted me to pick him up.

He is working very hard on pulling himself up to standing. The side of the tub is the perfect height for him to pull up with, but just too slippery. And other surfaces are either too tall or too short so he still needs to work on a little muscle. He did pull himself up to standing from a sitting (on a seat) position today. So, it's coming along. I seriously think I will be telling you he is pulling himself up to standing by the weekend.

He is also working very hard on trying to get on all fours. We are starting to get more cries as he gets brave and tries to get that leg out from under him and falls on his face.

He does get around decent enough so far. He will scoot forward, around & backward in a sitting position. And if he finds himself on all fours he ends up pushing himself backwards; he hasn't quite figured out how to work his legs with that position yet. When he pushed himself backwards we usually hear crying in a few minutes because he will be further, not closer from his intended target and will be up against a wall.

He also figured out today that he can stand at the footstool in his room and push that and then walk his feet up to standing, then push it further out so he is leaning, then walk his feet up. He did this across the room today. The footstool has no wheels (like the walk behind toys) and it was on carpet, so he's not quite ready for me to bring up the walk behind toy just yet.

You should also see him swim. He loves to swim. He loves it if we toss a ball out and them we help him swim to it. He likes it best if I put both hands under his stomach so that he can use both his arms & legs in the water at the same time.

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