Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

The top picture can also be seen in the collage below that was taken at our playgroup Halloween party. Henry wore 2 costumes that Isabel had worn when she was 17 months, a pumpkin & a mouse.

This collage is from when we attended Isabel's preschool halloween party. I thought it would be fun to bring him dressed too.

Last year, when Henry was 1 day old, we took him trick-or-treating to one house (closest neighbors). This year he got to do all the neighborhood trick-or-treating with his sister (until she got cold.) I pulled the kids around in their wagon.

We also took the kids to halloween event at RBNC. And daddy also took both kids to the haunted house put on my our high school SADD group. And I brought the kids to a Halloween/Monster storytime to which I let them go dressed in their costumes for.

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