Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cocoa with Santa & Mrs. Claus at the Art Center

 You have seen several of these on sister's blog, so I will try to tell you something new on this one.
Henry is really not so fond of strangers these days, especially men. I was just happy that he did not scream or cry when he was on Santa's lap. This was the best picture we could get of them with Santa.
Sister had to tell Santa what Henry wanted because he was scared and wouldn't say anything. But when Santa showed him his special pocket watch (it had people on a horse drawn sleigh in the snow being pulled around in a circle to music) then Henry started to warm up to him.

Henry did enjoy the cookies they had there. I think they each had three. Oye! 

Henry with his bell, which he lost before we even left the Art Center. 

Like I said, Henry is scared of strangers right now. So, he was unhappy about being so close to Mrs. Claus. I think next year it will all make sense to him that they bring him presents and he will like them a whole lot more.

Henry with his candy cane from Santa.

I have to say, I enjoyed this Santa event. I liked that there was a story (which Henry & I did go sit down for), and that Mrs. Claus was playing Christmas carols on the piano and there was hot cocoa & lots of cookies, and Santa took his time with the kids. Even though we waited a long time to visit with Santa because we waited until the line was almost done before we got in it because we didn't want to stand there for so long with Henry, plus the Art Center is so pretty. I would go back to this one again.

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