Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bay Beach Swings

 The "kiddie" swings were one of Henry's favorite ride at Bay Beach. Sister went on this with him as well, but she also did the big kid swings. He was on some of the "baby" rides at first and we thought he had that scared comatose look, but that wasn't so. I figure that was the look of sheer boredom. This boy likes a little excitement. When he got on rides that were more thrilling for his age, then he perked up and smiled and laughed.
I did do a video of him on the swing for the first time. I am trying to remember to do some videos of the kids. We were just watching a bunch of videos we took of Sister at this age. There are more pictures from Bay Beach that I hope to post, but this is the only ride I did a video of.

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