Monday, June 11, 2012

Will Henry Remember Venus?

 I am not sure that either kid will remember seeing Venus as it passed by our view in front of the sun, because it's not a huge spectacular thing since all you see is a small black dot in front of a great big circle.
 Maybe they will remember looking in to the telescope and when we take them to some other viewing sponsored by the Astronomical Society they will remember looking through a telescope. I wonder if it was any more spectacular to go to a Planetarium for something like this or if the results were similar.
 What you see here is what we saw at one of stations. They had 4 viewing stations all set up in a different fashion and this one was projected on to a piece of paper in a bin, and we looked through a telescope (see above; also there was a second telescope to look through that we did not) and one that was put on a tv screen and was being recorded.

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