Friday, December 28, 2012

Opening Christmas Presents

 Here is Henry on the Saturday before Christmas, opening up the grain auger present that grandma & grandpa M. bought for his.

 The next 3 pictures are from Christmas Eve when we open family presents. Here is is opening the cape and masks that mommy made for him.

 Gotta love that he is wearing his Easter shirt on Christmas eve. LOL!

 Here he is wearing the Viking scarf and mittens that mommy made him. He was not thrilled to have to model them.
 Darn, I didn't realize this wasn't in focus. This is of Henry looking in his stocking for his presents from Santa.

And finally (but not lastly) the kids are opening the big presents from Santa. Henry got 3 pieces of speciality track to add to his train sets (A magic tunnel, a bridge, and a big curvy S piece.)

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