Friday, December 14, 2012

Santa & the Candy Cane

This will not be another picture of Henry sitting on Santa's lap, because that did not happen. I took him to storytime in Frbo where I knew Santa would be at and we were meeting some friends from his playgroup (The Baby Mamas & A Papa). At the end of storytime, Santa came out while the kids were singing Jingle Bells & well, jingling bells. Kids were invited to come up to Santa to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted. Two little girls were brave enough to get within a foot of Santa  but not sit on his lap. So, Santa picked up his bag and pulled out a candy cane to show the kids and said he would give them one. I then said to Henry, "Santa is giving out candy canes. Do you want one?" To which he said "Yes" and I told him "Well then you need to go up to Santa and get a candy cane." so, he got up out of my lap and walked straight over to Santa grabbed the candy cane from his hand and turned around without saying a word to him and plopped back down in my lap and proudly showed me his candy cane. Which all of that was followed by laughter by all the parents there and I heard a couple of parents from out group say "Oh Henry" (I suppose that may be where it came from). He is such a character that no one was surprised, but he still gave everyone a chuckle. He is a silly little boy.

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