Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pictures from Kindergarten Spring Concert

 Tall boy in the back row! That's where he will probably always be! He held his smile the entire time I was up there taking pictures of him.

This is just his classroom, there are 3 kindergarten classrooms.

How sinkin' cute! Love this kid and glad he let me dress him up like a little man!

The entire kindergarten class -- all 3 classrooms of kids.

With his friend Ian. Ian decided a couple of weeks ago that Henry was his best buddy and tells me that every time I go into volunteer now. It warms my heart to see Ian run to him in phy ed (when I volunteer in there) when they are told to find a partner. They really wanted a picture together. They haven't had a playdate together yet, but we will soon!

The theme for the year for the elementary school this year is OLYMPIAN.

Henry and his friend Daniel pretending to play instruments. Henry is on the guitar and Daniel is playing a trumpet. Lol! Such silly boys. They have been having weekly play dates now for almost 2 months. I am very happy Henry has started to make friends.

He is VERY slow to warm up to people to decide if he actually likes them and can trust them. Henry doesn't like big groups or having lots of friends like his sister does. He just wants a couple quality friends and I am glad he is finally finding them. He will have had 3 playdates this week with 3 different boys (after tomorrow), one of them being Daniel. He has become very observant of how other people are and whether or not they are genuine. It caused him ( & this worrysome mom too ) lots of sadness and anxiety earlier this year when he thought no one liked him and he had no friends. He is a good kid who just wants to be liked and do a good job and make people happy and proud.

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