Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Runner Boy

Henry has often said that he loves to run and that was the sport he wants to do. Unfortunately at his age the only time he can run is just for fun at home or in an event like this Hershey track and field event that is 4 weeks long. He wants me to find some kids runs for him to do this summer as well. Tonight was the second week and he ran both the 50 and the 100 and came in first place out of 9 kids for both of them. He was actually quite a bit ahead of the others in both races. He was very excited that he got first place he went into it hoping to get second but I told him maybe he will get first and he did.

Last week he got third in his Heat and I knew he could do better but he was pretty tired from being scared and crying because they use a shotgun start for this program which I don't know why you would do that with 5 to 14 year old kids but Henry seem to be the only kid that was scared and bothered by the gun. Not only did he find it scary but it is quite loud and he still is sometimes bothered by loud noises. It was better tonight now that he knew what to expect and he was fine for the 50 but before that 100 he was in tears again and I had to ask them to move him to the for the slain so that he felt more comfortable being out there.w

 He also does the standing long jump and the softball throw. He doesn't do too bad for the standing long jump and gets four feet pretty consistently. The softball through though he has a little bit more to work on. He has learned good form from fire class but he just really needs to get behind it to throw it further.

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