Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Oregon Trip - Days 1-3

 Outside 50 Licks..... they have some pretty good ice cream shops here. I had the tie rice flavor and Isabel had blood orange creamsicle Henry had chocolate chocolate and Andy had caramelized honey
 Enjoying our ice cream. They have comic strips on the wall as wallpaper. It looks like they cut them out of a book and wallpaper them up. Kind of a neat idea.
 Everyone Poops even in space. This was part of the space exhibit at the science museum in Portland.
 Henry with a sculpture of a wolf and a gorilla and I can't remember what the other animals that's facing the other way. The zoo was something you really wanted to go to and we had not been there in 3 years to this one so he didn't remember it is about only remembered a couple of things from this zoo.
  here they are in the lower part of the color Fountain. It is a pretty fun place.

 Henry and I outside the Vista house. Here are some to be seen from here
 Henry spotted this gigantic slug here. I had him put his finger there so you could get the scale of how big this slug really is.

 Inside the roots of a treeon the hike up multonomah Falls

Henry had earned some more money before we left and he chose to buy the Emoji pillow.  Sister has a couple of different kinds of emoji pillows and so he really wanted one too  this picture was taken inside the condo of our Hotel in  Portland 

Daddy and Henry around at the international Rose test Garden
Not sure why blogger put these photos out of order but this is one of Henry at the vista house when I gave him the camera. Taking pictures of himself. Such a character.

The kids at the bottom of multonomah Falls it was very crowded there especially at the bottom and on the bridge but I would say that's only about a quarter of the people actually do the hike maybe less than that so that part isn't very crowded. I think between the hike and walking around rose garden and playing at the playground I was able to wear the boy out because he actually  until 8 a.m. other days he slept until 6 a.m.

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