Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ok - People are starting to know

We told my sisters & brother this weekend. So, now I am just telling people as it comes up. No more keeping it a secret. Plus, I've got the telltale baby bump started. It really does come out faster with the second child than with the first.

I went through my maternity clothes to see just what I have for summer. I have a friend who offered to borrow me some, so hopefully I am covered. Since Isabel was an end of May baby, I only had a couple pairs of shorts & tank tops and a couple of capris. So, hopefully my friend will have a few more of each for me and I will fill in with some t-shirts. And I am hoping to borrow another swimsuit from someone. I have one, but we are getting a membership to the pool this summer and it's only 4 blocks away, so we hope to be there often and my one suit may not dry in between visits.

Still feeling sick & puking. Bah! I'm 12 weeks tomorrow. I am hoping that things settle more by the end of the month when I fly to Philly to visit a friend, but I have to be honest, I am nervous about still having all-day sickness and being in an airport & on a plane. Guess I'll figure it out.

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