Tuesday, March 31, 2009

10 Weeks

Well, I guess tomorrow I am officially 10 weeks. They did an ultrasound today to confirm due date and to check how many babies there were. The ultrasound said November 1 as a due date based on that tiny, tiny little peanut up there. The doctor said we are still going with October 28 since my period was regular. So, the baby is growing just as they are supposed to and there is only ONE baby in there. It would have quite a shock to hear there was more than one.

We will listen to the heartbeat at the next appointment in a month. The doc said they like to wait until at least 12 weeks to listen to the heartbeat because whereas we might be able to hear it now it would be hard to pick up on the in-room heart monitor. But she said she could see a little flicker of the heart beating on the ultrasound.

So, if you are looking at this picture and trying to figure out exactly where this baby is, look about 1/3 the way down and you see some black (that's my uterus) and then you can kinda see a little peanut there. You can see where the head on the left) is formed and where the rest of the body curls around as it lays on it's back.

So, the next appointment we will hear the heartbeat and probably the one after that we will have a 2nd ultrasound, at which point we can find out gender (which we do plan to do again).

As for me, I am down about 2 1/2 pounds since my first visit with the pee test. I was down 2.5 pounds at 12 weeks with Isabel. So far this pregnancy is shaping up to be quite similar.

Isabel was with me at the appointment and she was so great. I talked to her beforehand about the things the doctor & nurses would be doing and she didn't seem the least surprised when she saw it all. The cutest part was while I was getting my pap smear, she was standing on a chair by my shoulders and was rubbing my arm saying "It's ok mommy. It's ok." When the doctor asked her where the baby was, she patted her stomach and said "In my belly". Isabel knows that mommy has a baby in her belly, but she seems to think she has a baby in her belly as well. The doctor said it's very common for kids her age to internalize everything and think they have a baby too and call it "my baby".

Isabel sat & ate her snack during the ultrasound, so she didn't see the baby on the screen and wasn't interested in a seeing the picture, which is just as well because at this point it looks nothing like a baby and it might just be confusing.

To real change in the nausea & vomiting. I still have some nausea on the meds, but not as bad. And still constipated, but am making an effort to eat more foods (like apple stuff) that help with that. And vomiting still happens 1-2x a day. I am still exhuasted and still have to eat about every hour to keep the nausea from getting too severe.

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Rachael's Mommy said...

Thank you for posting the ultrasound picture. I could pick out your peanut right away. I am so excited for you. I also loved the story of Isabel consoling you while you were in stirrups. Her showing compassion to you is proof of what a wonderful little girl she is. Not that you needed any.