Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ok - it's NOT better.

So, I may not feel like puking all day, but I am still puking every day. Yes, it is now EVERY day and has been twice a day the past few days, generally in the evenings (just like Isabel). But with Isabel I could come home from work, vomit, and go to sleep. Now, I am home with an almost 3-year old all day, puke in the early evening, make supper & resume watching MORE tivo'ed kids' programs, wait for daddy to get home and vomit again whilehe does the bedtime routine (if he isn't home for that, I just take a break from kids' progams to go vomit before I put her to bed.)

Oh - and the apple-cranberry juice is NOT a good idea. It burns the second time around. And remember to ALWAYS drink lots of fluids when you eat (chew thoroughly, which that I remember). It would be a shame to choke on your vomit because it's too thick.

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