Friday, March 20, 2009


Well, I couldn't take the nausea anymore. I called the clinic last night and they called me back this morning and got me in the afternoon. I got a prescription for Zofran, 4mg. So far they seem to work, but they are not to be used unnecessarily as they cost me $1 a pill and I can take up to 3 a day. Insurance pays about $36 for their share of the 12 pills, so really the pills are $4 a piece and I pay 25%. The good thing is that they don't make me sleepy, which is what the meds from wen I was pregnant with Isabel did. I didn't take too many of those because I needed to be a functioning, working member of society and couldn't sleep ALL the time. So, hopefully this will work out better. I see the doc for a regular appointment in a week and a half. So, maybe I will see if there is something cheaper that works the same, or maybe I won't need too many a day to keep the nausea at bay. Oh, and I do have the generic for Zofran. I wonder how much the actual Zofran would cost. Is generic for meds like generic in the grocery store?

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