Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Sometimes your forget things from your first pregnancy (or just hope things will be different)

Reminder #1: Eat AFTER you brush your teeth (I have a sensitive gag-reflex and it's even more sensitive when I am pregnant, so brushing my tongue causes problems.)

Reminder #2: Schedule less - you'll be tired & with all day sickness stuff you will move slowly and not be able to get as much done

Reminder #3: Eat many small meals - it helps curb some nausea feels (not all, but sometimes just enough)

Reminder #4: Be prepared to vacate a room or restaurant, etc. very quickly if a smell is too irritating or nauseating. You may end up puking if you don't vacate quickly enough. Saffron rice is TOO MUCH!

Reminder #5: Not all foods will be your friends, and much like your first pregnancy white items are winning out. Guess I am back on my white food diet (milk, cottage cheese, turkey & cheese sandwiches, yogurt, noodles, mac & cheese, rice, ice cream.) I am really trying to still eat fruits & veggies. So far, so good.

More reminders to come.

Also, I just ordered a Maternity Band in black. The one picture make it look stupid, look at the one with 3 pictures. It gives it that layered look. It allows you to wear non-maternity pants that you can't button anymore and that are riding below your stomach. And then when your belly gets too big and your shirt isn't covering the bottom of your belly anymore this will keep it covered. Plus you can wear it after when you are nursing and are wearing regular tops. It keeps your stomach covered when you lift up your top. And again, you can wear it when you can't quite button those non-maternity pants yet. I only ordered one and thought I would see how it feels & fits before I get another one. I will probably get a white one for a 2nd one.

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