Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Constipation & Other Maladies

So, my drugs which are helping keep my nausea at bay are making me constipated. The drugs are not completly getting rid of my nausea & vomiting, but instead of feeling 75-100% nauseaous all the time, I usually feel 10-25%. So, much improvement. Although, the meds effects wear off as the day goes on and I have been taking a 2nd pill every other day.

I am still vomiting about every other day (there is no correlation to the amount of med I take.)

And fatigue is still a huge issue. I would say I am at 50-75% fatigue level at any given moment.

Now, I have constipation to contend with. I called the doc to ask what "non-medicine things I can take to help with that." Her nurse called back to tell me the doc recommended 400 mg of Colace, which is a stool softener & considered "medicine" in my book. I was looking for food or beverage recommendations, like eat prunes or drink apple juice, etc. It annoys me that doctors have to go to medicine right away. But I want to be delivered by a doctor in a hospital in case something does happen. And I didn't see any midwives on staff at this clinic we have to go to.

Anyways, I searched online about zofran & constipation and is if VERY common. I don't like prune juice and know there is no eay I could stomach it now at all. So, I am going to try an apple-cranberry blend of 100% juice. A mom (online) who had the same issue solved it by drinking a couple glasses of 100% cranberry juice, which I don't think I would like. Cranberry juice by itself is very bitter. But apple juice is notorius for causing diarrhea. You see it all the time in kids who drink too much of it. So, that is what I am going to try.

Also, can't stand any pressure on my stomach. Pants have to be pretty much falling off of me. And I realy don't like anything thta goes over my stomach. I will have to look when this went away with Isabel. I think it was around the same time the nausea went away and I was really starting to pop out.

And I get completly annoyed by excess noises, like the exhause fan in the bathroom or the vent fan in the kitchen. I keep the radio turned off in the car.

And smells really bother me. I am afraid to go to the supermarket sometimes because of all the smells. And I swore Wal-Mart smelled like dirty sweat socks when I picked up my meds last week. I tried really hard to breathe through my mouth only. And I have been avoiding the weekly playgroup at McD's because I am afraid of the over abundance of powerful smells. But the worst is helping Isabel in the bathroom. She does NOT smell like roses. And a 2 1/2 year old doesn't have the motor skills to wipe their butt properly after a bm and then there are times that she just doesn't want you to leave the bathroom. When daddy is home, I am lucky enough to get out of bm bathroom duty (he is not so lucky), but that only seems to happen about half the time.

I keep telling daddy that this is the last kid. He thinks he's funny& tells me I have to have 3 more, that he wants five. In reality, he would probably leave me if I had five (so there better not be 4 kids in there.)

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