Friday, March 6, 2009

Nausea is starting......

The nausea has far it is only when I have an empty stomach. So, first thing in the morning & close to meal times. So, it's not just a morning thing. It does seem to get worse as the day goes on, which is what happened with Isabel.

I swear food is being digested much more quickly now that I am pregnant. It has been a long time since I actually heard & felt my stomach growl. Last night, it couldn't have been much longer than 1.5 hours after I ate 2 bowls of spaghetti (that's normal for me for spaghetti -- I love it! It's my favorite!) that I felt & heard growling.

I eat snacks with Isabel twice a day, which I think helps because I didn't always remember to eat extra snacks with her (other than constantly shoving saltines in my mouth.) Plus, I have added in a snack right before I go to sleep, which seems to be helpful when it comes morning.

So far, no food aversions. We had garlic bread with our spaghetti (garlic was a big food aversion with Isabel) and other than it smelling very strong to me (which daddy said it did too) there were no problems. Although, I have noticed that the idea of some foods is not appealing. We have some cinnamon Puffins cereal in the cupboard and the idea of tasting cinnamon does not sound good to me.

I have been trying to have all kinds of foods & enjoy them while I can, because I think I still have another week or so before the food aversions set in with Isabel (if everything continues to track the same).

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